Scalable – Software only – Carrier Grade solution on Commodity Servers – Virtual Machines or Cloud based solutions. AWS, Oracle OCI, IBM Blue, Google Cloud.

Seamless Redundant configuration – No single point of failure.

No proprietary H/W, reduces risk and TCO.

Easy to deploy and manage remotely to a Colo/Datacentre/Cloud.

SIP based, the accepted standard for VoIP.

Supports managed service deployments into a CSPs larger customers.

Multiple CODECs supported including HD voice (G.722 & G.722.2) supported.

TDM support via commodity gateways or hybrid switch.

SNMP Monitoring.

Double byte (Japanese/Chinese) characters supported.

Caller can have a different language played to conference messages.

Conference Types Supported

Meet Me Pass – Dial a number enter a passcode.

Meet Me secure – Dial a number, enter a passcode and individual PIN.

Meet Me Direct – Dial a number and you are in conference no codes

Crisis Alert – Dial a number, enter your code and system dials out to a list.*

Management Alert – Dial a number, enter your code and system dials out to a list, prompting user for a PIN.*

Volunteer Alert – Upload recorded message. Caller dial in and listen to message which is repeated.

Self provisioned – Dial a number and enter passcode you wish to use. You are now provisioned.

Meet & Greet – callers dial in and are greeted by an operator who takes their details.

List dial – Using web portal you can manage dial out lists and initiate dial out to groups from PC, Tablet or Smartphone.*

Question & Answer – Callers can join and leave a Q&A queue. Moderators can listen to questions in advance and change position of callers in the queue.

Voice mail filter is an option on dial outs ensuring no voicemail is joined to a conference.

Trader Voice

The ACS platform supports a wide range of capabilities for financial services trading systems in addition to standard features above.. Integration with all major trading turret providers. This allows trader voice systems to extend out to SIP trunks, all SIP PBX systems and media gateways. Where required authentication includes passcode, PIN code, ANI/CLI from callers phone.
Circuits supported include:—–

Hoot & Holler – Trading circuits are joined to a conference 24 x 7 and callers can securely come and go, broadcast or full duplex.

Ringdown – ARD (automatic) and MRD (Manual) US/EU/APAC versions.
Calls can be forked many times and lamping & ducking is supported.

Physical Dealer Boards can be emulated in a browser, Teams or Zoom APP providing options to have turret users (Traders/Backroom support/Compliance/Regulatory) staff use the soft turret within Teams/Zoom and on PC, Tablet as required.

Fraud Detection & Mitigation Algorithms

Reduce or remove risk of dial out fraud & toll free number revenue loss.

Provide end user with enhanced security.

Flexible Licensing Model

Mix and match restricted and unrestricted ports to reduce TCO.

Unrestricted ports available 24×7.

Restricted ports available for 4 hours in a day addressing peak busy hour.

Pay for productive ports. Quick and compelling return on investment.

Remove CAPEX burden with port rental.

Legacy Systems Migration

Each conference can have its own language, message and DTMF set.

At conference level, DTMF commands can be programmed to match any existing bridge or service allowing ease of migration of users from competitors.

CDR output to match installed legacy systems.

Database import capability.

Extensive RESTful API available for provisioning and call control.

Attended/Event support

Aonta is committed to all forms of conferencing including large event type conferences and operator based services on the same platform as demand conferences.

“Meet & Greet” and “Q&A” automated to reduce operator overhead.

Built in Dictionary for accurate recording of attendees.

Operator to operator and operator to moderator IM.

Integrated Web conferencing

Control your audio conference from within the web conference.

Dial in and merge audio/data paths.

Click to dial out to the moderator and participants.

See who is talking or generating noise with live “talker data”

Use audio path to follow video camera. (Webex ®)

Mute & Disconnect callers.

Record unified audio and web sessions.

Have up to 9 breakout sessions. Audio and data sub conferences.

Currently integrated with Cisco WebEx®, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Aonta Web Portal

Mange your conference account and live conferences from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Click to dial yourself into conference.

Mute, disconnect and place callers on hold.

Lock, Secure and mute a conference.

Manage Question & Answer session.

List dial to your participants.

IM an operator.

Download recordings as MP3 file.

Review post conference reports.

Manage your account.