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About Aonta

Aonta was founded in 2005 by David Seavers and Derek Moore who previously held senior positions at Spectel and subsequently at Avaya when Avaya acquired Spectel in 2004.

The word Aonta is derived from the Irish (Gaelic) for consensus or "as one" and is pronounced 'Aain ta' and not 'A on ta' or 'A un ta'. Wink

Aonta's customers are Telco's. Conferencing Service Providers and Enterprises around the world.

Aonta is supported by Enterprise Ireland under the National Development Plan, with the support of the European Union.


Aonta has developed the ACS1000 a SIP based Audio Conferencing Solution that supports all modes of
conferencing and introduces unique selling points that resolve industry issues.

Head Quarters

Aonta is located in Dublin. Ireland.